Welcome to Rich's, a family-owned food company that has been inspiring possibilities since its inception in 1945 by the visionary Robert Rich Sr. Our journey began with a groundbreaking innovation – the world’s first non-dairy Whip Topping, shaping the culinary landscape and becoming a staple in households, restaurants, and bakeries worldwide. From delectable cakes and icings to mouthwatering pizzas, appetizers, and specialty toppings, our products adorn tables across the globe.

At Rich’s, we empower food industry professionals to excel in diverse sectors such as foodservice, retail, in-store bakery, deli, and prepared foods. With a presence in 100 locations globally and annual sales exceeding $3.8 billion, we are a global leader, embodying the spirit of family and endless possibilities.

Since 1996, Rich Products & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has revolutionized the bakery industry in India, introducing Rich’s Whip Topping, the country's leading frozen and vegan whip topping. Our extensive portfolio boasts over 40 SKUs, enabling us to serve more than 100+ cities across India. With 5 regional offices and 2 state-of-the-art plants in Pune and Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh, our 700+ dedicated associates are passionate about delivering exceptional food experiences.

Rich’s brand is synonymous with 'Quality & Standards' in the industry. We are delighted to uphold the Rich Promise through our new initiative in India, providing an innovative e-commerce platform. Join us on this exciting journey of infinite possibilities, where we grow together as one family, united by our love for exceptional food and unwavering dedication to excellence.